Seventh Generation vs Prof. Microbe

Oct 25th 2017

Seventh Generation brags its cleaners and laundry products protect the next Seven Generations without any proof but it won’t brag about settling a $4.5 million case for false advertising its products as natural to make a quick $700 million sale to the Dutch Giant Unilever. Nor will it brag that its high-priced cleaners don’t kill any of the germs that harm us. It even claims its products are good for the environment without any science to back up another false advertisement from a company that wants others to Come Clean about the toxic ingredients in their cleaners and laundry products. It even employs a comedian to fool us!

Unfortunately, the lack of industrial standards means that Seventh Generation can simply designate themselves as natural or green based on their own guidelines. Because these products are essentially unregulated, they may tend to mislead consumers into believing they are safe and effective. For example, most of Seventh Generation products contain toxic chemicals or preservatives – Benzisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone – that cause allergies, asthma and skin irritations. However, concern over them began to grow after researchers conducted two laboratory studies on rat brain cells and found that these biocides caused cell damage.

These toxic biocides have been deemed necessary by Seventh Generation because: 

1) natural preservatives do not exist; and 
2) preservatives are necessary for shelf life.

Cleaning is a two-step process: 

1) remove the dust, dirt, food residue and grease;
2) reduce the number of germs to a less than infectious dose for most pathogens. Homes need much less cleaning than buildings (Comparing the current chemical cleaning regime to cleaning with microoganisms, Kate Henry, dissertation, University of Canterbury, 2011).

In the natural world, humans are far from the being the foremost chemists. At least that is what Catherine Drennan, a professor of biology and chemistry at MIT said: “Microbes are living off the things we want to get rid of. I love the idea of cleaning with microbes.”

Prof. Microbe is the brain child of lawyer/entrepreneur John Moore. While living in England he discovered a novel type of microbial cleaner, containing living microorganisms as its active ingredient. Living microbes are capable of enzymatically degrading dirt, food residue, heavy grease and bad odors. In Europe hospitals, public buildings, hotels, schools, train stations and restaurants often use them instead of disinfectants. A professional cleaning organization has confirmed their efficacy. (OECD Conference Report on the Effective Use of Microbes in the Environment, Paris, 2015)

100% organic, food safe, powerful, earth friendly, people and pet safe. Guaranteed to clean everything from counter tops to stainless steel and porcelain sinks to wood and tile floors to rugs to wood to glass and mirrors to bath tub grime and lime scale to appliances to stainless steel to granite and marble to heavy grease to ovens. Even stains. One cleaner does it all!

Instead of Seventh Generation buy a smarter, healthier and cleaner clean.