Germ Warfare: Clorox vs Prof. Microbe

Oct 25th 2017

The latest Clorox Super Weapon against every germ on the planet is the 360 Germ-Eliminating Electrostatic Spraying System that combines Clorox disinfectants and sanitizers. Clorox claims it will cover 18,000 square feet as quickly as spraying Round Up on weeds. The other innovative Super Weapon from Clorox is its Magic Wand whose TV ads claim to cover an entire home in bleach in a few minutes.

Clorox ads targeted at health clubs claim they can go the extra mile to keep their facilities healthier and protect those who utilize the space against harmful germs, all the while instilling themselves with confidence they are keeping their facility as healthy and clean as possible. Maybe Clorox believes in the tooth fairy too!

Ever wonder how Mrs. Hughes kept Downton Abbey spic and span without so much as a squirt of bleach or disinfectant. She used egg shells, gin, potatoes, tea leaves, rhubarb, bread crumbs and other natural food stuffs. Only later did the evidence emerge to suggest that germs cause disease, kicking off a war against all germs when Clorox invented bleach in 1913. However, the war has come at a cost. The natural cleaners Mrs. Hughes and other 19th century housekeepers used have been replaced with toxic chemicals that harm us and the environment (Germ Warfare, New Scientist, January 14, 2017).

Chemical cleaners contribute to rising levels of allergies, asthma, obesity, lung disease, cancer and negative effects on growth, brain development, intelligence and coordination that will last far into the future. According to the Royal College of Medicine, the residual effects from chemical cleaners have accumulated in our bodies in ever-increasing amounts, with health consequences that have rarely been attributed to them (The air we breathe: the lifelong impact of air pollution, February 2017).

Cleaning is a two-step process whose objective is: 1) remove dust, dirt, food residue, and grease; and 2) remove the number of germs to a less than infectious dose. In short, there are good and bad germs. Research has shown that much less than .01% is harmful. The majority of germs not only do us no harm but many are directly and indirectly essential to our well-being and survival by providing us with nutrients that fine tune our immune system, balance our metabolism and ward off mood disorders and many other conditions (Comparing the current chemical regime to cleaning with microorganisms, Kate Henry, dissertation, University of Canterbury, 2011).

In the natural world, humans are far from the being the foremost chemists. At least that is what Catherine Drennan, a professor of biology and chemistry at MIT said: “Microbes are living off the things we want to get rid of. I love the idea of cleaning with microbes.”

Unlike bleach, disinfectants, sanitizers, hydrogen peroxide, and chemical–free cleaners that indiscriminately kill all the germs; Prof. Microbe is “smart” enough to kill only the few bad germs and bad odors. 100% organic, food safe, powerful, earth friendly, people and pet safe.

Chose a smarter, healthier and cleaner clean.