Cleaning is a two-step process:

1. It removes dirt, food residue, and grease; and
2. Reduces the number of germs to a less than infectious dose. It is important to remember there are good and bad germs. Research has shown that less than .01% are harmful. In fact, many germs are directly or indirectly essential to our well-being and survival because they provide nutrients that fine tune our immune systems, balance our metabolism, and ward off mood disorders and many other conditions.

Prof. Microbe™ is the New Science of Cleaning. It uses beneficial microorganisms to rid surfaces of harmful germs that can make you sick, degrading dirt, food residue, grease, and bad odors including your cat litter box; Prof. Microbe™ removes stains too! To understand how any cleaning product works, it is helpful to know that dirt is composed of layers of fine film made up of grease, oils, fats, bacteria, germs, dust mites, and both non-organic and organic materials. These layers are bonded to each other and to surfaces through amino and fatty acids.

Studies have shown that only the top layers of film are removed by conventional cleaners with the base layers left to collect bacteria and re-soil within minutes.

Prof. Microbe™ attacks and digests the amino and fatty acids and keeps working for days, protecting you and your family. Prof. Microbe™ is the only cleaner your family will ever need. It works safely on wood, fabric, stainless steel, marble, granite, appliances, ovens, bathrooms, windows and wood and ceramic floors! In Europe, many hospitals, public buildings, schools, universities, restaurants, hotel, animal shelters, airports and train stations now use microbes instead of chemical disinfectants.

Prof. Microbe™ says, “harness the power of microbes to clean thoroughly and without harming yourself, your family, your pets and the environment!” Prof. Microbe™ is a safe and effective cleaning alternative - 100% organic, food safe, powerful, earth friendly, people and pet safe made from corn, baking soda, sugar, distilled water and microbial enzymes. At last! A safer, better, more economical way to clean!

The Microbe Difference

  • Superior Clean
  • Eco Friendly

Whooo says cleaning products have to be toxic? Take a “wiser” approach to cleaning with Prof. Microbe!